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back to the school and children to help educate them and bring more awareness to the nation. >> i don't do solo gigs very often. i am working on it. >> there will be entertainment singing, it will be fun. >> jeff conway is going to be there and i will be there. >> we really want to encourage people to come for the right reason. one is to relax and laugh and have a good time and secondly to give back because everything we raise goes to the foundation "give a little does a lit" i believe that a little ofot" >> soul lot of our viewers may not know that you are the mother of vince vaughn. you look great. what is your daily work out like? >> i have three dvds. we do standing seating exercises. everything flows and moves from one sequence and to the next. it is empowering. it is great. >> vince vaughn is a big guy. >> he is 6 ft. 5 in. tall. >> thanks for inviting me to this. i will see you thursday. >> thank you so much. >> pat tomasulo and i will be taking part in the laugh yourself healthy event. you can laugh with me or at me either is fine as long as you show up. tickets are
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1